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Slides & demos posted :) November 11, 2010

Posted by Jose Luis Latorre Millas in Uncategorized.

Thanks everybody that attended my session at TechEd Europe 2010 and thanks again for the feedback. Much appreciated!!

As promised, here are the links to my slides and demos.



1. Abhi - November 12, 2010

Thanks for the demo, the animations look very interesting, and I want to learn how to use them. But the “demos” link only has the video and not any code. Would you be willing to share code with us? Thanks again for a cool demo!

2. Jose Luis Latorre Millas - November 12, 2010

O-oops! you are right & thanks for telling.. I uploaded the wrong file 😛 – if you can please delete it… I am powering up right now the laptop & will upload the right file in seconds 🙂

And yes, willing to share 🙂 – have you checked http://showcaselauncher.codeplex.com/? there is a bit more code

3. Jose Luis Latorre Millas - November 12, 2010

Changed the link, now it points to http://www.brainsiders.com/teched/SL3D_Demos.zip please tell me if there is any issue – I’ve tried and it works but anyway let me know if there is any issue.. but there should not be any! 🙂

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