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Silverlight MVP February 10, 2011

Posted by Jose Luis Latorre Millas in Uncategorized.

Wow, got it! for me this 3 previous MVP years have been great but now starting this 2011 it is even better.

I just became a Silverlight MVP so… I feel great!

This video relates how I do feel… very clearly 😉

Thanks Microsoft for these MVP years. A billion more thanks for this Silverlight MVP.

And yes, like in the video, I setup my company after this. Well I was already on that so it just was “the right moment”.

If you are interested, go and say “hi” to Brainsiders, http://www.brainsiders.com, it’s focused on User Interfaces, User eXperience, usability, design, training, mentoring and architecting & developing / co-developing rich applications for Web, Desktop and Mobile & other devices.
We are also doing pretty interesting business applications for a big spanish company and also some interesting web application that will leverage Silverlight capabilities and provide incredible usability to a key provider in the industry over its competitors (not yet finished but it will be in one month and a half or less).

What better thanks than to dedicate your business life to the technology you love? 🙂

Silverlight power!!